Friday, September 16, 2011

Googling With Googlers At Google's Global Top Contributors Summit 13-14 Sep 2011

I flew from Detroit Metro Airport to San Francisco on Sep 12th. Google had arranged for a reception for the Top Contributors the evening of the 12th. Got registered, got a chance to meet and mingle with some of the fellow TCs and got a bit of a taste for the things to come in the next two days.

Wow ... how amazing the next two days turned out to be is hard to express in words. I can describe in words what I learnt about Google, Google's culture, Google's philosophy, my fellow Top Contributors from across the board and from around the globe, but I will let some of the pictures I took (or were taken with my camera if I am in the picture) in Santa Clara and in Mountain View do the talking.

So without much further ado, here we go ...

I flew back to Detroit on the 15th. It was a great opportunity for the family of  Google's Global Top Contributors and Googlers to get together, meet with each other face to face, have very meaningful interaction, to express their joys and frustrations, and in the process learn a ton of things and have lots of fun.

Now Let Us Keep Googling.



Thatsnews said...

It was great, wasn't it? And I even saw a back view of myself! Bit crumpled, but after near 14 hours of flying, that's not a surprise!


yogia said...

Hi Martin:

Thanks for your comment ... and sorry for being late in responding.
The first ever Global Top Contributor Summit indeed was great. And you looked good of course.
I hope you are all rested up, over the jet lag, and back in the swing of things.